In 2017 GMIS Illinois is launching the GMIS Illinois Innovation Award.  The award is intended to recognize innovative technology projects done by Illinois member agencies.  These are projects that save time, redefine processes and make lives easier for staff.  The award is intended to promote innovative projects and recognize them.


Member IT Departments are invited to submit a 1-2 page written summary, throughout the year, to the GMIS Illinois Board at, detailing an innovative project they completed with/for a department. IT departments may submit their own project, or someone else’s project for review. At a minimum, the following information should be included:
  • Agency name, city
  • IT Department team member names that were part of the project team
  • Department name the project was completed for
  • Vendor that assisted with the project, if applicable
  • High level description of the project along with a project title, if there was one
  • Description of the collaborative approach taken between IT and the department
  • Benefits gained by the department
  • Specific technologies or services used by IT
  • Overall cost of the project – one time and on-going


During the GMIS Illinois Quarterly Meetings, member organizations with submitted projects will be invited to present (20-30 min) their project and include how it demonstrated IT’s collaborative partnership with the department, along with the benefits it brought to the department and/or agency. The project benefits could include any/all of the following:
  • Bringing measurable efficiencies to a department's business processes
  • Streamlining a departmental process
  • Saving a department money or time
  • Allowing a department to take advantage of new technologies to bring improvements to the services the department offers
The project could have been initiated by IT or by the department. The project and subsequent presentation should highlight the partnership and collaboration between IT and the department, and should discuss, in detail, the benefits gained by the department. Departmental representation during the presentation is invited and encouraged, including actually presenting. Also, if a vendor was involved in the project, the vendor is also welcome to present with the IT department.


The projects will be voted on by the GMIS Illinois Board members, and the top three will be selected based on the following criteria:
  • Business value of the project, including the departmental benefits
  • Innovativeness of the solution
  • Level and effort of collaboration and partnership between IT and the department


The GMIS Illinois Board will select the top three projects presented throughout the year, and will invite these finalists to present again at the the annual GMIS Illinois GIANTS conference.  The “winning” project will then be selected during the GIANTS conference, based on attending membership votes.  The GMIS Illinois President will announce and present the award during the GIANTS conference.
The IT staff from the “winning” project will then be included with the GMIS Illinois Board members to evaluate the presentations throughout the year, and to select the finalists to present at the annual GIANTS conference.


Current GMIS Illinois Board members and their teams are not eligible for the award.
If a submitted project is not selected as a finalist, the team is welcome to revise and resubmit the project at a future date.

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